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On this page you will find soon the full workshops schedule.
Till then, remember that we will have workshops for all levels of dancers in different rooms at the same time so don't hesitate to join us if you are new to the Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba world...Just choose your class wisely:

If you have taken none or just a few classes of any style, you belong to this category. We love to have you and we will be happy to be your first festival! Go for it, never get disappointed and try to learn and dance as much as you can!
If you have taken salsa classes for a few months up to a year, this is the level for you! You are confident with the basic steps and you can do simple combinations but have limited (or none) body movement and styling. Ladies are able to follow simpler combinations. Both partners have an understanding of the rhythm and music. The more enthusiastic you are, the faster you will move on to the next level!

You have taken classes for more than a year and you have a good understanding of dance & music. Good ability to move from one pattern to the other. Men are able to perform more turns, hand changes & directional changes with better balance and more styling. As for the ladies, they should be able to double spin, follow complex turn patterns comfortably and have the ability to demonstrate some interpretative footwork and body styling. Keep up the good job!

Experienced dancers. You have control of your body balance, timing & footwork and are able to move quickly from one pattern to the next. Men have the capacity to remember & lead a series of moves with continuity & styling and improvise comfortably. As for the ladies, multiple turns, spins & ducks are things easy to follow. Both men and ladies have the ability to add style, musicality and bodymovement, they have speed and accuracy on their moves.
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