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THE highlight of the 8th Greek Salsa Bootcamp is taking place on Thursday 5th of July ! ! ! 

After the double success of Antonis & Hara, that in 2015 they managed to take the 1st place in this World Championship and the 3rd place in 2014, the road for Greece being an official country of this competition opened and we are proud to organize in Greece, the National Eliminations of the Kizomba World Championship (Africadancar International Kizomba Championship) for the third year in a row, giving the opportunity to a couple to enter this competition officially straight to the finals in Portugal having also all their expenses covered in order to participate.

Thursday night at the GSB it's a MUST as last year most of the festival participants arrived and there was a full room to support the competition, enjoy the shows and the african fashion show and party till the morning. This year there is also a full program and you really don't want to miss this amazing beginning of an even more amazing weekend.

Our 2017 winners Plomartelis George & Kolotsiou Evi are ready to represent Greece and Cyprus on 29th of April 2018 in Portugal.

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The couple that will manage to take the 1st place and be the Greek Champions, will have the opportunity to travel and participate officially straight to the finals without needing to pass any extra rounds and they will have also the chance to attend the festival that takes place at the same time  (Africadancar - Congresso International de Dancas Africanas) plus the special Trainning for all performers of the competition. All greek couples that wish to participate in the Africadancar CIK, they can be allowed to enter only by qualifying through the national eliminations in order to enter the championship. 

The competition welcomes all greek couples (amateur or professional) that they are over 18 years old and they have the skills to compete in two different rounds: improvisation & show.


For this night, our jury will consist of:

DINO DA CRUZ (ANGOLA./THE NETHERLANDS) - International Instructor & Performer.

MARCIO JUNQUEIRA (ANGOLA/THE NETHERLANDS) - International Instructor & Performer.

KIMI LUDOWICA (CURACAO/THE NETHERLANDS) -  International Instructor & Performer.


After the competition, the night will continue in african mood with our African Party in Valis Resort.