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For many years now, Super Mario has been a household name on the international Salsa scene, recognised and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing lead, unlimited database of fantastic moves/combinations and his teaching ability. His classes and workshops have always been extremely popular both in the UK and in countries as far as Australia, Japan and the USA, specialising on technique but always maintaining an element of fun.
Mario was born in India but moved to the UK as a teenager. Still based in London and travelling to teach nearly every weekend of the year, Mario specialises in cross body style, dancing on the 1 or the 2 and focusing mainly on moves and combinations, with special emphasis on leading techniques.
Mario has earned himself the title Million Moves Man through his ability to create any number of unique combinations, that are lead with expertise and are always comfortable to follow. His dancing style is smooth but fast, giving him and his dance partner extra freedom to improvise. His amazing presence on the dance floor sets him apart as a social dancer and his outgoing, energetic personality has also been instrumental in getting him known in the Salsa World.
Super Mario has taught in more than 70 countries!
Those who know, we know that you will not miss the chance to be there, for the new ones in the scene, don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers in the world and take your dancing to another level!


He is HOT, she is GORGEOUS, they are one of the most popular couples in the kizomba scene and they are coming for the first time to Greece!
Tony Pirata is coming from Cape Verde, he is a world renowed dancer choreographer recognized as one of the best in the industry of kizomba, semba and african rhythms. In 2010 he became Kizomba Champion in France and he was also top 3 in the european championships. Today, with over 18 years of experience teaching and dancing he has traveled the world teaching in over than 45 countries.
Lydia Laprade was born in south of France and started dancing at the early age of 4 with bellydance, for almost 10 years straight. She then discovered the hiphop culture and started practicing, competing and going on stage regularly. 
Three years ago, she fell in love with kizomba music first and decided to start dancing, without knowing she would win Paris, France and World championships Africadançar 2016. She developped her skills, style and pedagogy according to her dance background and became a professionnal kizomba dancer and instructor, teaching and sharing her passion all over the world.
Let's welcome them as instructors, performers and judges to the Greek Salsa Bootcamp!


He is AMAZING and he will be your host for the 10th anniversary of the Greek Salsa Bootcamp!
Moe Flex joined the dance circuit in 1998 and immediately excelled to build a reputation that put him on the stage with huge celebrities from the music world as one of the lead choreographers for the MOBO awards.
With an in depth study of the art of sound and movement Moe created a unique teaching technique that is now used all over the world for dancers of many styles.
As well as a renowned teacher, performer and DJ, Moe took to the stage as a presenter and entertainer to round off any event and made the package complete.
He is one of the top MCs in the Salsa World and we are more than excited to have this amazing person and top artist with us!



This amazing couple are the BEST reason for all Cuban Style lovers NOT to miss the 10th Greek Salsa Bootcamp! Osbanis Deakocan Tejeda & Anneta are coming for the first time to make you crazy!
Deakocan Dance, was born in London in 2009, it was created by Osbanis Tejeda & Anneta Kepka by merging their talent, experience & passion for the dance & the music. The name Deakocan Dance has a deeper meaning, and it is more than it meets an eye , in Yoruba, the Afrocuban language, ‘deakokan’, means ‘de a corazon’ - from the heart. They thought that this name perfectly describes what is the most important for both of them in teaching, choreographing and performing, it is to feel everything you experience in music and dance, and to dance from the heart. Their dance style characterizes the fusion of the Cuban Style, the blend of the Afrocuban movement and Rumba, incorporated in Cuban salsa- Casino, both in tiempo and contra tiempo as well as the importance of the musical interpretation of movement.
Deakocan Dance specialise strictly in the Cuban style, their strenght is the musicality & musical inerpretation, the sentimiento manana ‘el sabor’- feeling, Casino footwork, Casino partnerwork, men`s and ladies` styling, Rueda de Casino, Son , Chachacha, Rumba, Afrocuban movement, as well as applying Rumba & Afrocuban movement to Casino both in footwork & partnerwork, and created by them AfroCha, the fusion of Afrocuban movement and Chachacha & AfroSonCha , the fusion of the Cuban style conta tiempo with elements of Afrocuban movement & Chachacha. That is also the types of the classes they teach, which are available at all levels.


Dom Ramark and Marion Pontal met each other in 2005 and gave birth to "Ramark Dance Company", a team with a unique style which combines speed and spectacular moves with an outstanding energy and rarely reached mastery. Their creations are built upon the salsa language but include also many other artistic influences like classical, hip-hop, jazz and modern dancing...
Their originality is based on the fact that they are not only demonstrating, but they really are making a show. They direct, they act and they play with the audience and always put fun in their shows. They are in every way complete artists. Thanks to all of those elements, they are largely and immediately acclaimed by the public and attract many congress organizers.
Ramark Dance Company is one of the teams representing the real LA style, keeping it alive in it's best form!


Marcio & Kimi, this amazing couple from Holland, is coming to Greece to teach together for the first time. Marcio born in Angola and Kimi in Curacao they have a lot of experience in the world of dance. They dance Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse, Kuduruo but also Salsa and Bachata.
Marcio and Kimi's outstanding talent and qualities of leadership, spirit and imagination made a lot of people know and embrace the popular dances of Angola 'Kizomba and Semba'.
As a couple with a lot of experience and knowledge, they teach Semba, Kizomba and Afrohouse worldwide and bring the right information and feeling to the people.
They are going to teach, perform and also judge our Africadancar Eliminations Competition on July 4th.


He is CRAZY! She is BEAUTIFUL! They are TALENTED and they are coming to Greece for the first time and they are bringing bachata flavour, among other styles :)
Fabian & Fania, a new spectacular couple in the world of the afro Caribbean dances; They as a couple are new but as artists they are many years of professional career! They have been working together since December 2017.
Together they have already danced in Italy, Spain, France, Uk, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany. They have versatility, quality, passion, elegance, sensuality, feeling and strength in their shows and workshops.
Fabian recognized as an international artist especially in his three strong ways, salsa, Afro and Cuban rumba and bachata, being valued for his unique style, being champion of Spain and world champion of salsa. Fania recognized internationally since 2009 when she became champion of Spain and world runner-up of "Bachatarte" and "Bachatastars", she comes from the world of flamenco and has become versatile by combining and fusing all these styles with salsa. If you want to meet them, watch their shows, take their classes or dance with them in the social until dawn, you will see them in Greece next summer!


One of the most popular Greek couples and one of the first to represent our country abroad. Starting from Salsa when in Greece there was no salsa scene and now also developing african rhythms and kizomba, this couple has achieved a lot.

Antonis and Hara were the first Greek couple that represented our country at the Africadancar International Kizomba Championship and managed to become World Winners in 2015 having also won the 3rd place in the same competition in 2014.

Through their classes, parties and events they managed to develop in central Greece, one of the biggest dance scenes of the country. They are one of the couples that developed the Salsa scene of the country dancing together from the beginning.

Antonis and Hara are known for their energy and communication with people. They are two of the organizers of the  Greek Salsa Bootcamp and the Ski & Salsa Weekend  and also owners and directors of the  Independance Studios in the cities of Volos and Larissa.


Salsa People, one of the largest dance schools in Switzerland, based in Zurich Altstetten and recently also in Wohlen, with a dedicated team of certified teachers offers a wide range of courses in salsa, bachata and kizomba for each level.
But not only in terms of dance lessons is the family dance school leader, also in the field of show dance can be seen their successes. With its 7 show teams Salsapeople is successful on the national as well as the international level.
In addition to numerous performances at major salsa concerts in Germany and abroad, in which Salsa people shared the same stage together with the world's most famous show dancers of the salsa scene, the professional team under the direction of owner Mauro Iacoviello managed even on the silver podium at the World Championships in Las Vegas and brought the sensational title as Vice World Champion.


Dimitris Psychogyios has been dancing for the last 15 years and has performed and teached to some of the most prestigious festivals & events all over the world.
He has also took part in competitions with great success. Some of the highlights in his career are:
* 3rd place @ World Latin Dance Cup (2013)
* Finalist @ Euroson Latino World Salsa Championship (2018)
* Finalist @ World Latin Dance Cup (2012)
* 1st place Champions @ World Salsa Meeting (2014)
* 7 times Greek Salsa Champions (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018x2)
* 3 times Balkan Salsa Champions (2012, 2013, 2014)
* Bulgarian Salsa Champions (2011)
* Romanian Salsa Champions (2013)
* Danubian Group Salsa Champions (2015)
* Danubian Salsa Champions (2016)
For the last 10 years he runs La Secta Dance Company, the pioneers of NY style Salsa in Athens, Greece.
Maria started dancing at the age of 11, taking ballet and contemporary classes for 6 years. Later, she dealt with Latin International for about 2 years. 
When she turned 18, she moved to Athens where she met her teacher and dance partner Dimitris Psychogios. They traveled together to various salsa festivals around Europe. They took the first place at the Danubian Salsa Competition in Romania and at the World Latin Dance Cup Qualifications in Greece at 2016. 
In September of 2017 she had the pleasure to dance Marco Ferigno’s group Ansima.They travel around the world performing and giving workshops. 


Angel Vizcarra is the director and owner of the Estilo Eterno Dance Art. He is a dancer and choreographer coming from Mexico and he started dancing when he was 18 years old. He followed different styles as contemporary, hip hop, salsa L.A, salsa N.Y., Bachata, Kizomba and Reggaeton. He's been teaching mainly Salsa L.A., Bachata and Reggeaton for 9 years. As a dancer he has participated in numerous festivals and also competitions in Greece and abroad.
Georgia Chandraki is been dancing for 10 years. She started with Latin Ballroom dances. Until now with her partner Miler Rodriguez she got specialized in salsa L.A. style and Bachata Cabaret and also took 1st position in Greece in Bachata, Romania and also they were finalists of the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami in the Bachata division and also Salsa Solo Ladies. She has travelled in Europe, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, UAE, USA and Mexico. 
Angel and Georgia are currently dancing together and they will bring something fresh to the Greek Salsa Bootcamp!


Victoria Karagiannidou was born in Athens,Greece.
Her occupation with dance started at the age of 4 following ballet,jazz and modern dance lessons until her 17 years. While entering the university to study law she followed Latin & Ballroom dances.At the same time she attended lessons of Flamenco & Argentine Tango.
A few years later she started Salsa (LA/NY Style) which got her deeply involved into it and thus began a love affair for this particular dance.
In the last six years she has dedicated herself in Kizomba|Semba & Afro Dances.
Based in Athens she has been teaching and performing in many festivals in Greece and all around the world and she is also the organizer of the Kizombada Dansensual in Athens.
Building Victoria KizzArte with her new collaborations & projects she keeps spreading her love and knowledge for the African culture,always with love and respect!
This great couple are very experienced dancers and teachers and creators of a great team in Athens. They fell in love with Kizomba and Semba and their vision is to pass their love and knowledge to the greek audience. Two years ago they managed to rank second during the eliminations of the Africadancar for Greece & Cyprus.
They are travelling in Festivals in Greece and all around the world and they are coming to the GSB this year again ready to share their experience  and knowledge with you.


Evgeni & Nicole are one of the most trending couples from Sofia, Bulgaria. Evgeni has been travelling to festivals as instructor and performer for over 10 years, representing his dance school - PaLante. Nicole is one of the most talented young salsa dancers in Bulgaria, only 18 years of age, she has been dancing already 10 of them salsa. Their fast style with intriguing partnerwork, musicality and afro/salsa fusion will surely come to your liking


Iza Bogdańska is a charismatic girl from Poland, for whom dancing is the whole life. For fourteen years associated with different dance forms, from contemporary dance and jazz to salsa and bachata. Participant of numerous dance festivals. For many years she has been helping women find themselves in dancing. She attaches great importance to the technique and quality of dance. A few years ago she created her own program of classes for women, focused on the development of ladies movements, which can be used both in dancing and in everyday life.

Passionate and cheerful, she enthuses people with her love for dance and energy. She constantly develops her skills and extends knowledge which she willingly shares with others. She hates routine in dancing so she mixes different styles, creating new possibilities for interpreting music through movement. 


Born in Esslingen, Germany, Vasilis Marapidis began his education in dance at the dance school "Estudio Sudamerica” in 1997 ( Berlin – Germany ). He was a member of the dance team “Mas Salsa” since 2001 ( Berlin ) and attended many seminars and salsa festivals across Europe.
From 1999 till 2002, he attended professional teaching courses next to recognized dance tutors, as well as other various scientific fields, aiming to acquire complete educational background.
In 2002, guided by his ambition of importing and demonstrating this spectacular dance in Greece, he turned his idea into the founding of the Cultural Association named “THESsalsoNIKI”. Since then, he has been traveling and teaching at dance Seminars and Festivals across Greece and abroad.
He has also facilitated the TROPICAL AFROCUBAN SALSAFEST 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014, hosting some of the best artists of dance worldwide.
In June 2014 he was a significant factor of the accomplishment of the Guinness world record of the largest Salsa Rueda in the World ( 1102 participants ), with a very large number of the dancers consisting of his students, as well as his own personal contribution as Lead Cantador ( Coordinator of the Choreography commands ).



Naty was born in Greece and began her dance journey at the age of 6. During her academic studies and after many years of training in various dance disciplines like Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom etc., she decides to dedicate herself to dance, teaching Latin Dances (mostly Salsa) and performing with her Ladies Styling team “Arcoiris Ladies”. Being a versatile dancer, her passion for Flamenco and Andalusian culture led her to Seville (Spain) where she is living for the last five years running her own dance studio “Girason”.

On the other hand, her special bond with Afro-Cuban culture and her long-term stays in Cuba helped her explore its roots deeply through intensive dance, percussion and singing training. Specialized in Salsa, Popular Cuban Dances and Afro Cuban Dances, she has been spreading her love of dance to people from all over the world for the past 13 years as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.


Anna Vardaxoglou is coming to the Greek Salsa Bootcamp for the very first time!!
She is a professional dancer and teacher. She started her career with Latin and Ballroom dancing and she was a competitor in dancesport until 2015. She has studied at the University of Sport Science and Physical Education in Athens with specialization in teaching ability of Greek Traditional Dance. She is dancing Kizomba from 2011 and after stopping the Latin competitions she focused more in Kizomba. She is trained by some of the best international Kizomba instructors and she has participated at international dance festivals in Greece and abroad by teaching and performing.


Jana K. Cerna & Movimiento Dance Studio are joining us this summer :)
They are based since 2015 in Cyprus and they are directed by Jana Cerna - dancer, choreographer and dance instructor form Czech Republic. The studio has grown since then and has now one student team performing on many local events, and one semi-professional team which participates also on international salsa festivals. 
Jana dances since she was 5 years old. She started with classical ballet and later on added contemporary and jazz techniques. She studied University of Arts in Prague and choose to follow the physical theater path. Until she was introduced to salsa...She fell in love with Latin dance and discovered her passion for teaching and creating choreographies in this genre.


George & Thalia are instructors of the Independance Studios in Volos & Larisa, Greek Kizomba Champions 2016 and also 4th Winners of the Africadancar International Kizomba Champioship 2017. George is a dancer of several styles starting with Greek Traditional dances. Before falling in love with kizomba he started with Latin & Ballroom taking part in national competitions until today and he has also been occupied with Tap Dancing, Modern Jazz and latly with Salsa. Thalia has been a dancer sicne a very young age having experience in Greek Traditional dances, Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, Latin/Ballroom and Salsa and she is currently teaching Tap Dancingm, Kizomba and Latin/Ballroom. Together they are currently teaching in schools and Congresses and they are part of the Professional Kizomba Team of Antonis & Hara.


Konstantinos and Eva are dancing together for several years. They teach Kizomba  in La Secta Dc about 4 years and share the love of kizomba all over the world.
They teach also Bachata and Salsa in La Secta Dc. Awards and competitions:
•2nd place in the Africadancar Eliminations for Greece in 2016 
•1st place in Salsa group competition for Balkans in 2015
They are coming to the GSB for the second time and we can't wait to have them back!


Giannis and Penelope are a couple from Thessaloniki both in dancing and in life. They have been dancing and teaching Cuban dances together for almost 6 years all around northern Greece, mainly Casino (parejas and rueda) and Cuban Rumba and their teaching style is highly explanatory but also super fun for the attendees. For the last 2 years, they 've been coaching their own team "Guerreros de Casino". They also both are members of "Salseros en la Calle" and they 've won numerous awards in various competitions the past years.
During the parties search for them dancing all around the room with everyone or center stage doing their own animations, which wherever they go are loved by everyone.


Christina was born in in Cyprus. She began with the folk and traditional dances of Cyprus and Greece. In 2008 she has obtained the IDTA on Latin Ballroom Dances and has also took professional classes on Tango,Oriental and Hip Hop-Reggaeton. The next year she began incorporating Salsa in her dancing repertoire. Starting from the Cuban and the Afro Style and gradually working on LA and New York style. Making Salsa and Belly Dance two of her main point of interest focusing on them more and more over the years. She has also been involved in numerous salsa and oriental (belly dancing) festivals domestic and international. By both performing at the festivals and teaching in seminars. She has also been a ZIN member of the Zumba community since 2011. In 2011, burlesque was an addition to her dancing horizons by starting appearances and incorporating it in her other repertoires. In 2013 she has obtained intermediate degree of the ISTD modern theater and carried on to obtain the advanced diploma on 2014. Promoting her own dancing Salsa style by infusing burlesque, modern theater and afro elements.She is the owner of DanceRoots dance studio in Ptolemaida Greece from the start of 2016


Ιrini is owner and director of the Step Up Dance Studio in Xanthi. She is a Salsa and Bachata instructor and she started dancing 14 years ago. In professional level she started as a Latin and Argentine Tango instructor till she fell in love with Salsa. She is specialized in Ladies Styling and she has participated in many Dance Festivals and competitions as instructor and performer together also with her teams.



Born in Germany and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, he started his dancing carreer when he had 16 years old first with Ballroom Dancing and Hip Hop and later on with Salsa , Bachata and Kizomba. He moved to Larissa 3 years ago and he is a member of the Independance Studios instructors team teaching also in festivals around Greece.

In 2017, he won the Africadancar Kizomba Eliminations for Greece and Cyprus winning the title of the Greek Kizomba Champion and since then, he is one of the members of Antoni's & Hara Kizomba and Salsa Teams performing and teaching in Congresses.

George is also a high level bachata dancer and teacher in central Greece.

A creative and inspired artist.He is known for his own and unique style. He specializes on different styles like New Style Hip-Hop,Popping\Dubstep,Lyrical Hip-Hop,House Dance and Salsa Hip-Hop. His performances and choreos focus on musicality,sharp and dynamic movements,synchronization and a lot of theatrical elements. Mike G is also known for his fusion of latin dances with Hip-Hop.


Salsa AUTH started in October 2014 as part of the AUTh gymnastics programs by Vasilis Giannoglou at a volunteer level and has remained voluntary since then.  Since 2016 the activity of salsa AUTH has expanded outside the University, participating in multiple festivals and competitions, at national and international level, forming our rueda de casino teams: Mojitos and Malas Lenguas. Our goal is to introduce salsa (and rueda), bachata and other latin dances to students and people, travel, enjoy good company, excursions, festivals, competitions, shows etc