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Milan Italy is home to one of Salsa’s newest up and coming team, Euphoria Dance Company. The Dance Company was formed by Jose “La Salsa” Diaz in 2012 to bring a revived new feel to Mambo On2 in Italy. The company reflects the influence of New York Style On2 dancing with it’s creative interpretation and strong sense of musicality on stage. Their goal is to present a unique and diverse performance style but still maintain the classic roots and essence of Mambo. 
Artistic Director Jose “La Salsa” Diaz teaches his unique style of Mambo with an energetic Dominican Street Style of dancing. His incorporation of multiple turns, spins, turn combinations, counter turns, sudden breaks and change of directions will leave his audience elated and wanting to see more. His passion for dance allows him to interpret musical rhythms through soulful body movements and intricate turn patterns.


Dancefloor is a dance company created in March 2009 when BoogTom (South Korea) came to Europe and met Fred (France). At that time, BoogTom was already a hiphop expert travelling around the world to participate and judge battles (Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow).
They are known for their creative shows that  mix different dance styles and they are one of the dance companies that right now travel all over the world teaching and performing. Their unique style and their social dance abilities made them famous.
They are coming for the first time to Greece and they are ready to teach, perform and social dance with all of you.


Marcio & Kimi, this amazing couple from Holland, is coming to Greece to teach for the first time. Marcio born in Angola and Kimi in Curacao they have a lot of experience in the world of dance. They dance Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse, Kuduruo but also Salsa and Bachata.
Marcio and Kimi's outstanding talent and qualities of leadership, spirit and imagination made a lot of  people  know and embrace the popular dances of Angola 'Kizomba and Semba'.
As a couple with a lot of experience and knowledge, they teach Semba, Kizomba and Afrohouse worldwide and bring the right information and feeling to the people. They are going to teach, perform and also judge our Africadancar Eliminations Competition on July 5th.


Dino da Cruz is the director of AfricAdancar Benelux . Dino da Cruz was born  in Luanda and he is a professional dancer,  teacher and choreographer specializing in Afrodance, Kizomba, Lockin’, New Jack Swing, and Hip hop.

Dino is an experienced performer with an impressive track record, including performances with Miriam Makeba and Whitney Houston, winning performances at the Official Dutch Hiphop Championships and participation in the Final of 2009 FISAF World Hiphop Championships with his crew Street4onE in Las Vegas . 

Dino started learning Kizomba at the age of 6 at home with his mother Esperanca da Cruz, one of the greatest Semba dancers from Bairro Popular in Luanda, Angola. His first professional experiences in the field of Kizomba date back to 1988 with Paulo Flores and 1992 with Eduardo Paim, the first Kizomba musician from Angola.

It is our honour to have this amazing teacher and person who is also gonna be one of our judges for the Africadancar Eliminations Competition on July 5th,


One of the most popular Greek couples and one of the first to represent our country abroad. Starting from Salsa when in Greece there was no salsa scene and now also developing african rhythms and kizomba, this couple has achieved a lot.

Antonis and Hara were the first Greek couple that represented our country at the Africadancar International Kizomba Championship and managed to become World Winners in 2015 having also won the 3rd place in the same competition in 2014.

Through their classes, parties and events they managed to develop in central Greece, one of the biggest dance scenes of the country. They are one of the couples that developed the Salsa scene of the country dancing together from the beginning.

Antonis and Hara are known for their energy and communication with people. They are two of the organizers of the  Greek Salsa Bootcamp and the Ski & Salsa Weekend  and also owners and directors of the  Independance Studios in the cities of Volos and Larissa.


Basti and Alma belong to the bachata high class in Switzerland. Besides teaching in their own dance school Salsabrosa they teach in other schools and they are booked for various festivals and events all around Switzerland and Europe. Basti’s great energy, power and humor mixed with Alma’s elegance and sexiness is an incomparable combination which you don’t want to miss. 
Basti is from Spain and he is dancing since he was 13 years old. His dance education from classic to hip hop led his way to Switzerland in order to teach and dance in a musical. Because of his Spanish origins his heart was always beating for the latin American dances. He started with salsa and soon was caught by the bachata fever. 
Alma is dancing since ten years and started her dance career with salsa and later bachata. In order to enrich her dance style she started to take lessons in ballett, hip hop and belly dance. 
She was fascinated by the perfect control of the body of the tribal fusion dancers which helped her enormounsly to improve her bachata technique. 
Both love to mix and enrich their bachata sensual/ fusion style with different dance styles. They are known to teach very technical and fun at the same time. 


Raul comes from Cuba and he has been dancing since his childhood. He started dancing rumba, guaguanco, yambu, gaga and other popular cuban dances and later he studied other modern dances as well. He had paricipated in several dance competition in Havana. Raul finally moved to Bulgaria and in 2002 he established the Torres Dance Acaademy Tropicana where he is currently teaching. 

Raul is coming for the first time in Greece and the GSB and he will also be one of the judges of our Rueda Competition.



Dimitris Psychogyios has been dancing for the last 14 years and has performed and teached to some of the most prestigious festivals & events all over the world such as:
 Milan, New York, Miami, Berlin, Amsterdam, Monaco, Rome, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Sofia, St.Gallen, Bucharest, Istanbul, London, Belgrade, Antwerp, Nancy, Vienna, Dubai, Beirut, Liege, Medellin (Colombia), Bremen, Cyprus, London, Athens, Sicily, Luxembourg, Antalya, Eilat (Israel), Balaton (Hungary), Odessa, Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Izmir, Bodrum, Damascus and many more.
He has also took part in competitions with great success. Some of the highlights in his career are:
* 3rd place @ World Latin Dance Cup (2013)
* 5th place finalist @ World Latin Dance Cup (2012)
* 1st place Champions @ World Salsa Meeting (2014)
* 5 times Greek Salsa Champions (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
* 3 times Balkan Salsa Champions (2012, 2013, 2014)
* Bulgarian Salsa Champions (2011)
* Romanian Salsa Champions (2013)
* Danubian Group Salsa Champions (2015)
* Danubian Salsa Champions (2016)
For the last 9 years he runs La Secta Dance Company, the first NY style Salsa school in Athens, Greece.


Dancing together for already seven years,the young salsa couple known for their countless moves,impressive styling and outstanding ,captivating and tricky turn patterns!Their unique dancing, full of fun ,speed,styling and mambo madness,paired with an entertaining though highly professional way of teaching,paved them the way to many prestigious festivals in different parts of the world!Together they run two Salsa Schools in Athens in Greece, SalsaDoo Dance School!
Panagiotis and Myrto is the most famous Greek Couple representing their country in congresses worldwide!! They are performers,teachers,Coreographers and also past years competitors with big winnings in their bio!
Panagiotis and Myrto is definitely a higly talented and ambitious couple taking the salsa Ny style community by storm! Myrto extremely gorgeous and driving men crazy with her extraordinary feminine styling and body movement! Panagiotis attracting attention with his unique way of combining elements to the craziest and trickiest turn Patterns one can imagine.
A combination of fun style elegance speed and pure salsa and mambo !!


Elektra is one of the first salsa dancers in Greece and has collaborated with several dancers abroad such as Miler Rodriguez, Jose Aguilar and Tamambo. In 2015, she joined forces with Thodoris Soilemezidis presenting themselves for the first time as a couple. Within this year, Elektra and Thodoris won the 2nd position in Vama Veche Romania and became 4th in the world at World Latin Dance Cup 2015 in the salsa cabaret division, where Elektra also represented Greece with her solo ladies performance after winning the first place at Salsa Spring festival qualifiers competition in Greece.

Together they own "La Timba" Dance School in Athens and they represent Greece worldwide in congresses and competitions.


Evgeni & Nicole are one of the most trending couples, coming from Sofia, Bulgaria. Evgeni has been travelling to festivals as instructor and performer for over 10 years, representing his dance school - PaLante, . Nicole is one of the most talented young salsa dancers in Bulgaria, only 17 years of age, she has been dancing already 10 of them salsa. Their fast style with intriguing parnerwork and musicality will surely come to your liking.

They are coming to the Greek Salsa Bootcamp for the very first time so let's welcome them!


This great couple are very experienced dancers and teachers and creators of a big team in Athens. They fell in love with Kizomba and Semba and their vision is to pass their love and knowledge to the greek audience. Last year they managed to rank second during the eliminations of the Africadancar for Greece & Cyprus and they are coming to the GSB this year ready to share their experience with you.


Born in Esslingen, Germany, Vasilis Marapidis began his education in dance at the dance school "Estudio Sudamerica” in 1997 ( Berlin – Germany ). He was a member of the dance team “Mas Salsa” since 2001 ( Berlin ) and attended many seminars and salsa festivals across Europe.
From 1999 till 2002, he attended professional teaching courses next to recognized dance tutors, as well as other various scientific fields, aiming to acquire complete educational background.
In 2002, guided by his ambition of importing and demonstrating this spectacular dance in Greece, he turned his idea into the founding of the Cultural Association named “THESsalsoNIKI”. Since then, he has been traveling and teaching at dance Seminars and Festivals across Greece and abroad.
He has also facilitated the TROPICAL AFROCUBAN SALSAFEST 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014, hosting some of the best artists of dance worldwide.
In June 2014 he was a significant factor of the accomplishment of the Guinness world record of the largest Salsa Rueda in the World ( 1102 participants ), with a very large number of the dancers consisting of his students, as well as his own personal contribution as Lead Cantador ( Coordinator of the Choreography commands ).



Naty was born in Greece and began her dance journey at the age of 6. During her academic studies and after many years of training in various dance disciplines like Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom etc., she decides to dedicate herself to dance, teaching Latin Dances (mostly Salsa) and performing with her Ladies Styling team “Arcoiris Ladies”. Being a versatile dancer, her passion for Flamenco and Andalusian culture led her to Seville (Spain) where she is living for the last five years running her own dance studio “Girason”.

On the other hand, her special bond with Afro-Cuban culture and her long-term stays in Cuba helped her explore its roots deeply through intensive dance, percussion and singing training. Specialized in Salsa, Popular Cuban Dances and Afro Cuban Dances, she has been spreading her love of dance to people from all over the world for the past 13 years as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.


Coming from Greece Ilias and Markella is a new couple that aims to keep the tradition of Mambo alive.
As a former member of La Secta DC, Ilias has been performing and teaching at some of the most prestigious events around Europe for the last 3 years.
Having a need to create something of his own, he spent a year in Milan , tutored by the great Adolfo Indacochea.
Implementing what they learned, and bringing always their 100% in their shows and wokshops, they spread their passion and love for Mambo to as many as they can.


Victoria Karagiannidou was born in Athens,Greece.
Her occupation with dance started at the age of 4 following ballet,jazz and modern dance lessons until her 17 years.
While entering the university to study law she followed Latin & Ballroom dances.At the same time she attended lessons of Flamenco & Argentine Tango.
A few years later she started Salsa (LA/NY Style) which got her deeply involved into it and thus began a love affair for this particular dance.
In the last four years she has dedicated herself in Kizomba|Semba & Afro Dances.
Based in Athens she has been teaching and performing in many festivals in Greece and all around the world.
Building Victoria KizzArte with her new collaborations & projects she keeps spreading her love and knowledge for the African culture,always with love and respect!


Konstantinos and Eva are dancing together for several years. They teach Kizomba  in La Secta Dc about 4 years and share the love of kizomba all over the world.
They teach also Bachata and Salsa in La Secta Dc. Awards and competitions:
•2nd place in the Africadancar Eliminations for Greece in 2016 
•1st place in Salsa group competition for Balkans in 2015
They are coming to the GSB for the second time and we can't wait to have them back!


The amazing Stella is coming to put her energy and style at the Greek Salsa Bootcamp. Except for her classes, she is also teaching this year a super energetic Choreography Bootcamp. Her dance career started at the age of 6 at Motion Art Studio of Cyprus where she was trained to ballet until her 17 years. Her studies at NTUA brought her to Athens where she fell in love with Salsa. Very soon she participated in her first Salsa Competition in Milan.

Owner of "Stella DanceArt", she was three times Greek Salsa Champion and three times Balkan Salsa Champion and also among the best 10 of the world from 2012 to 2014. In 2013 she managed to rank 3rd in the World Salsa Championship representing Greece.

Based in Athens, she travels all around the world for shows and workshops.

She has managed to create her personal style in Salsa but she is also teaching other dance styles with main interest the reggaeton. You will also find her in many video clips and other productions.


A charismatic girl from Poland, for whom dancing is the whole life. For fourteen years associated with different dance forms, from contemporary dance and jazz to salsa and bachata. Participant of numerous dance festivals. For many years she has been helping women find themselves in dancing. She attaches great importance to the technique and quality of dance. A few years ago she created her own program of classes for women, focused on the development of ladies movements, which can be used both in dancing and in everyday life. Passionate and cheerful, she enthuses people with her love for dance and energy. She constantly develops her skills and extends knowledge which she willingly shares with others. She hates routine in dancing so she mixes different styles, creating new possibilities for interpreting music through movement. She can talk for hours about dance using various images every time. 


Marina started dancing 10 years ago with Salsa Cubana and Bachata till she fell in love with Salsa LA Style and she is curretly teaching in several schools in Athens. The last years she had participated in many Dance Festivals in Greece and Europe with her ex-partner Miler Rodriguez and as a member of Fuerza Azteca DC and a ladies duet with Elektra Venetsanou.
Grisha is a dancer 8 years now starting with Latin international-American style,break dance,musical-jazz. The last 5 years he is a professional Commercial Hip Hop dancer taking part in competitions with the teams Sunthrone,Bn'G ,Antlers and Mega Crews as Flow Effect και Ram's Head. He is working as a Hip Hop, Balletoning, Stretching and Fitness (TUMBAO) instructor.


George & Thalia are instructors of the Independance Studios in Volos & Larisa, Greek Kizomba Champions 2016 and also 4th Winners of the Africadancar International Kizomba Champioship 2017. George is a dancer of several styles starting with Greek Traditional dances. Before falling in love with kizomba he started with Latin & Ballroom taking part in national competitions until today and he has also been occupied with Tap Dancing, Modern Jazz and latly with Salsa. Thalia has been a dancer sicne a very young age having experience in Greek Traditional dances, Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, Latin/Ballroom and Salsa and she is currently teaching Tap Dancingm, Kizomba and Latin/Ballroom. Together they are currently teaching in schools and Congresses and they are part of the Professional Kizomba Team of Antonis & Hara.


Alessandro comes from Milano and Iliana from Thessaloniki. Together they teach in Thessaloniki  and North Greece and they are the main teachers of the Step Up Dance Studio.

Alessandro & Iliana are one of the couples that develop the salsa scene of nothern Greece preparing performance teams, teaching and performing,


A creative and inspired artist.He is known for his own and unique style. He specializes on different styles like New Style Hip-Hop,Popping\Dubstep,Lyrical Hip-Hop,House Dance and Salsa Hip-Hop. His performances and choreos focus on musicality,sharp and dynamic movements,synchronization and a lot of theatrical elements. Mike G is also known for his fusion of latin dances with Hip-Hop.


ioanna is known for her deep knowledge and studies in african and carribean rhythms. She was the first one to develop the Dancehall culture in North Greece and generally throughout the country and also the first one to bring and teach african dances in our country. She is also one of the organizers of the Tun it Up Dancehall festival.

Ioanna is the owner of the "Jafrican Collection", a brand of  clothing and accesories made with african cloth and materials having also her own fashion shows.


Panos & Sofia they are a couple from Crete (Greece) who have been working together since 2017. They share the same passion for bachata and they are specialized in bachata sensual. 
Their first performance was in December 2017 at World Latin Dance Cup in Orlando where they took the 11th place in the world in Bachata Couple Pro Division.
Euroson Qualifiers 2018 : 1st Place in Bachata Sensual Couple Pro.
Salsa Spring Cup 2018: Greek Bachata Champions.
They are coming ttogether as a couple for the first time at the Greek Salsa Bootcamp.


George and Evi have been a dancing couple for the last 5 years. Evi is from Larisa and George from Thessaloniki, where they started teaching  in several dance schools. Now they are instructors of the Indepandance  studios in Larisa and Volos where they teach several styles of dance among them Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa. They have participated in several festivals in Greece and In the Balkans. Last year they won at the eliminations of the Africadancar at the Greek Salsa Bootcamp which gave them the title of  the Kizomba Champions of Greece & Cyprus 2017.

Sofia was born in Athens in 1993. She began dancing at a very young age. She started competing professionally in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 7. At the age of 13 she trained in ballet, contemporary and Jazz. At the age of 18 she started Latin International and in 2014 she took the first place at Open Acropolis (3 Dance Division) with her partner John Tsimpidis. One year later she started competing in salsa where she took the following awards:
1st place in Salsa Soloist Lady Pro in Greece in 2016
1st place in Salsa Soloist Lady Pro in Greece in 2017
1st place in Salsa couple Pro in Greece in 2017
1st place at Balkan Championship in 2017
Finalist and 8th place at WLDC Salsa Soloist Lady Pro December 2017


       Sophia made her first steps in Modern and R&B dances in the age of 12. Following Her love for Hip Hop and Street styles she trained with a great instructor and choreographer  Valerie Lendore.  After 10 years of training Dance became the most important part of her life. She obtained the Professional Degree 'Teacher of Dancing' of IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) in Hip Hop & Street Dances. Also Professional Degree ‘Study Certificate-Teacher of dancing’ of a dance school All Star Dance. 
     2013 Sophia Found her love for Cuban Salsa and Afro-Cuban Dances. Became a member of a team 'Charangueros' created and trained by Eloy Corrales. After one year she won the 1st place in the category of One Dance Salsa Free Style at 'Salonika Open' dance competition. This fact made her want to take deeper knowledge of Afro Cuban culture. In the last 4 Years she has trained by the most renowned Cuban teachers in Europe and has danced by the side of the best Artists like Yoannis Tamayo, Ivancito Camaguey, Diana Rodriguez and Yoandy Villaurrutia.
     Her Body movement combines elements of Different Cuban dances like Casino, Rumba Guaguanco, Columbia, Son, Afro dances of Orishas and Cubaton, in the same time has a big influence by Hip Hop. This fact makes her Dance Style Special! This year she teaches at many schools of thessaloniki, also gives workshops in other cities of Greece and travels around the europe, taking classes to improve herself.


Giannis and Penelope are a couple from Thessaloniki both in dancing and in life. They have been dancing and teaching Cuban dances together for almost 6 years all around northern Greece, mainly Casino (parejas and rueda) and Cuban Rumba and their teaching style is highly explanatory but also super fun for the attendees. For the last 2 years, they 've been coaching their own team "Guerreros de Casino". They also both are members of "Salseros en la Calle" and they 've won numerous awards in various competitions the past years.
During the parties search for them dancing all around the room with everyone or center stage doing their own animations, which wherever they go are loved by everyone


Valentina is from Ioannina. She is specialized in contemporary dance and jazz. She has won first place twice in national competitions. In 2015 she created her group named "Elementum Es" and together they  perform in festivals, competitions and other events with main feature their musicality and synchronization.


Ιrini is owner and director of the Step Up Dance Studio in Xanthi. She is a Salsa and Bachata instructor and she started dancing 14 years ago. In professional level she started as a Latin and Argentine Tango instructor till she fell in love with Salsa. She is specialized in Ladies Styling and she has participated in many Dance Festivals and competitions as instructor and performer together also with her teams.



Ismini started dancing in the age of 8 making her first steps in classical ballet, modern and Greek Traditional dancing as well as gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. She has participated in many national and international Dance Congresses as a dancer and performer. The past 4 years she is teaching Dancehall and Aerial Yoga in Independance Studio in Larisa.


Vasilis took his first steps in dance at a young age.Soon, he discovered the Afro Cuban dance culture and devoted himself to it.
    He has been trained by the best Cuban dancers in the world in casino, rumba cubana, timba, men style, musicality and Afro body movement. His dancing style is unique, combining quick footwork and Afro body movement. In 2017 he won the first place in the Timba competition that is part of Guaguanco festival in Barcelona. Vasilis was also the first instructor to teach Brazilian Zouk in Thessaloniki, with his leading skills and style making him stand out. 
    He is the creator and coach of CubArt Crew. In his classes, Vasilis combines the features of each particular dance with Jazz and Contemporary dance techniques. 
     He is based in Thessaloniki and travels around Europe and Greece for shows and workshops.


Stavroula is from Thessaloniki (Greece).  She has been in latin dancing for the past 9 years and she has also obtained the ISTD advance Modern Theater Qualification . She has also been occupied with Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary and Ballroom Dancing (IDTA Degree) however, her heart belong totally to Salsa in which successfully teaches the last 7 years, participating in numerous of festivals. On 2013, has started developing RAW D.C. includes a salsa ladies and a couples dance teams that participates in various competitions and festivals.


Christina was born in in Cyprus. She began with the folk and traditional dances of Cyprus and Greece. In 2008 she has obtained the IDTA on Latin Ballroom Dances and has also took professional classes on Tango,Oriental and Hip Hop-Reggaeton. The next year she began incorporating Salsa in her dancing repertoire. Starting from the Cuban and the Afro Style and gradually working on LA and New York style. Making Salsa and Belly Dance two of her main point of interest focusing on them more and more over the years. She has also been involved in numerous salsa and oriental (belly dancing) festivals domestic and international. By both performing at the festivals and teaching in seminars. She has also been a ZIN member of the Zumba community since 2011. In 2011, burlesque was an addition to her dancing horizons by starting appearances and incorporating it in her other repertoires. In 2013 she has obtained intermediate degree of the ISTD modern theater and carried on to obtain the advanced diploma on 2014. Promoting her own dancing Salsa style by infusing burlesque, modern theater and afro elements.She is the owner of Danceway dance studio in Ptolemaida Greece from the start of 2016


Salsa AUTH (Salsa of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) was created in 2014 and since then it has an increasing number of students and, consequently, teachers in order to have proper and productive lessons. Our teachers have become four this year Vasilis Giannoglou, Christos Aivazopoulos, Dimitris Tsiaparas, Xaris Sarafoglou), so that the 100+ students of each lesson can be split in groups of advanced, intermediate, beginners and.. more beginners, aspiring to increase those numbers even further! Positive environment, lots of energy and good company are some of the basic ingredients of our team, while since 2016 we began to be active outside the University campus too, by participating in shows and competitions. We feel proud for giving the opportunity to so many people to meet the world of salsa and even more proud that some of our students have evolved so much as to be members of some of the best Rueda de Casino teams of Greece with national and international honors. Moreover, we take pride in our teams that either comprise our students, the Mojitos, or had their core based on salsa AUTH, Malas Lenguas and Chapados de Casino, also with leading roles and international honors.